Smilereader Ovulation Test Strips with Fertility Tracking App (5 LH + 1 hCG)

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  • FREE APP FOR iOS AND ANDROID - Download the SmileReader app for free to track your fertility stats and ovulation schedule digitally! Scan your test strip and the app will inform you when you're most likely to be fertile. Connect your partner on the app, so he'll be informed as well.
  • 99% ACCURACY GUARANTEED - The ovulation strips detect increases of LH, showing you are about to start ovulating. The pregnancy strips detect HCG, a hormone only produced when pregnant. The strips in tandem with the App, gives you over 99% accuracy to discover the right time to conceive.
  • EASY TO USE - Use at home, on-the-road, or at work; the ovulation test only requires urine, no blood drawn or ultrasounds needed. Testing can begin any day once you've synced with the Android or iOS App before starting. Just scan the urine dipped strip with the app to get your results.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY FAMILY PLANNING METHOD - No need to pay doctors thousands of dollars or to undergo stressful blood scans or ultrasounds to know when you're ovulating. Use our kit and track fertility stats with our mobile app to develop your personal ovulation calendar free from stress and drama.
  • NATURAL & COMPLETE SET - The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit With iOS & Android App offers a totally natural (and digital) way of planning your family. The complete set includes the app, 5 ovulation and 1 pregnancy test strips to help you take charge of your own fertility.

Product Description

Ready to start your own family? Take charge of your fertility.

It's a 9-month wait for a baby and in a perfect world, you'd be pregnant on the first try. Sadly for some, it takes months or even years. There could be medical reasons for infertility so check with your doctor. Once it's confirmed that there are no issues, then why are you still not pregnant?

Often women aren't aware that an unfertilized egg only lives 24 hours so it is important to know when you're ovulating to have a better chance of conception. To help identify these days, you need ovulation test strips with the added digital bonus of a fertility tracking app.

The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit is all you need to help you conceive your baby!

Take the stress out of baby making; know the right time to conceive a child. You and your partner can enjoy and focus on the process of starting a family.

It's easy to use, dip the strip into your urine to check LH levels and scan it using the mobile app to get results in minutes, letting you know if it's the right time. The app will help keep track of your personal fertility stats and calendar so you and your partner will be aware of upcoming conception dates.

It is also more affordable than doctors' visits so use as many tests as you need to make your dream of a family become a reality.

The best time to take the test is between 10 AM to 8 PM.
Concentrated urine is best, so limit taking fluids 2 hours prior to testing.
LH increases abruptly and can sometimes last for only a day. Testing every day or twice a day can help provide context for where in your surge you are
The app informs you when is the best time for sexual contact to ensure conception.
Discreet and compact for stress-free monitoring.

Start your family now with the SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit. Click on "Add To Cart" TODAY!

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