Prenatal Vitamin for Pre-Pregnancy, IVF, Pregnancy, & Breastfeeding. 5 month supply. *MADE IN THE USA*. Free Nutrition Guide. Dietary Supplement of Complex Blend of Best Vegetarian, Easy Swallow Pills with Folic Acid Plus Iron. One a Day


    • WHY TAKE A PRENATAL VITAMIN OR PREGNANCY SUPPLEMENT? AVASIA one a day Prenatal Vitamins are specifically designed to ensure you get the best combination of vitamins and minerals you need. So, they contain more folic acid for pregnancy and more iron than a normal multivitamin. Folic Acid supplement helps prevent neural tube defects (serious abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord) - Iron supports the baby's growth and development and helps prevent anaemia
    • WHY AVASIA PRENATALS? Because they work! Even with a healthy diet, you may miss out on key nutrients. Even after your baby is born, particularly if you are nursing, you need to ensure that you have all the nutrients you need. At AVASIA we use the very best ingredients to produce high quality best prenatal vitamins which are strong, pure and consistent. Our pregnancy pills will be there to give you the rock-solid foundation you need for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.
    • PUT 2 IN YOUR CART BUT ONLY PAY FOR 1. GET THE PRENATALS YOU NEED FOR YOUR WHOLE PREGNANCY WITH OUR UNBELIEVABLE LIMITED TIME OFFER. Or for pregnancy and beyond...When breastfeeding, you can become sluggish and tired if you are not getting the nutrients you need. Using AVASIA prenatals as a breastfeeding supplement will give both you and your baby the nutrients you need for the extra demands that motherhood places on your body.
    • WHEN SHOULD I START TAKING PRENATAL PILLS? Take them before you are pregnant. In prenatal vitamins Folic acid is particularly important at this stage and in trimester one, but if you're already pregnant, start right now. Every day is important. Use the Next Day Delivery option if this is you.
    • WHAT DO I DO NOW? Click the Add to Cart Button Now. Get the protection of our money back Guarantee. You keep the COMPLETELY FREE, Pregnancy Nutrition Guide that we will send you after you order. This not only includes details of all the vitamins and minerals you need for your pregnancy diet, how much , and what foods to get them from, but also what to avoid and why. FOR A COMPLETE PRENATAL VITAMIN AND DHA DEAL - PRESS 'ADD BOTH TO CART' BUTTON BELOW AND USE CODE 'DHAVASIA' AT CHECKOUT

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    You Deserve the BEST - Get the Top Prenatal Vitamins with the Most Independent Certificates for Quality Control

    You can take our word for it, or you can do your own homework, either way, you'll discover that our manufacturing facilities in the USA have more Independent Certifications of cGMP than any other in this market. They're FDA registered, USP DSVP compliant, have STR Certificate of Conformance, NSF GMP Certificate and NPA certification for GMP Compliance.

    As well as Folic Acid and Iron, our prenatals have the RDAs of all the other major vitamins and minerals including:

    - Vitamin D3 - For the regulation of Calcium and Phosphate in the body to keep bones and teeth healthy.
    - Vitamin B12 - Helps develop the brain and nervous system and aids production of red blood cells.
    - Vitamin A - From natural beta carotene sources (no retinyl palmitrate). Aids development of bones, teeth, heart, ears, eyes and immune system
    - Zinc - Vital for the growth of tissues and organs.

    The Calcium content is less than the RDA, but this too is deliberate, as Calcium inhibits the absorption of Iron. If you can't get Calcium from your diet take a calcium supplement some other time of the day.

    Take the chore out of taking your vitamins. Although packed with nutrients, our vegetarian prenatal vitamins one a day are gentle on your stomach and easy to keep down. You can forget all those unpleasant side effects everyone talks about. Take AVASIA Prenatals instead for NO Stomach Cramps! NO Smell! NO Iron Burps! NO Metal Mouth! No Gas! No Hives!

    Don't Waste Another Day - Click the Buy Button Now - Don't Take Them Because You're Supposed to, Take Them Because They Make You Feel Good!

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