Cupping Therapy Sets,Aikotoo Vacuum Suction 24 Cups Sets for Cellulite Cupping Massage,Chinese Cupping Therapy Pump

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  • INSTEAD OF MEDICINE: Chinese cupping set is an alternative medicine treatment package. Our premium quality Chinese Cupping therapy sets are engineered with medical grade plastic, provide superior suction & control, which is designed to help improve circulation,relieve the pain of joint and back, lower blood pressure and much more.
  • STURDY SUPPORT : Impact Resistance ABS plastic Cupping Therapy suction capacity is powerful! Each unit in the Chinese Cupping set is durable,and the smooth edge of the cupping has the strong adsorption that can maintain a long time.
  • CUPPING THERAPY SETS INCLUDES: 12 cups OD 2.75 inches , 6 cups OD 2.36 inches, 2 cups OD 2.05 inches, 4 cups OD1.73 inches. 12 magnetic needles, one large suction gun (25-inch long extension tube), English manual.
  • SAFE &EASY TO USE &REUSABLE: The Chinese Cupping therapy set is easy to reuse ,operate and safe for home self-healing. Use pressure easily to release the valve. Equipped with removable bio-magnetic points. Magnets are designed to provide acupuncture points for the skin they touch.
  • WARNING:When you received the Cupping Therapy Sets, you can contact us by mail, we can send you the ACUPRESSURE BOOKS about PDF/TXT FORMAT. Clean skin thoroughly and remove body hair before Cupping Therapy . Excessive body hair will result in weak suction. After cupping therapy there will be a variety of skin reactions.NOT WORRIES, these bruises are usually painless and disappear within a few days of treatment.

Product Description

My name is Miya . I used to be a computer programmer 5 years ago. My job was to write programs every day in the office.

The body was getting worse at the time and I was suffer from kinds of disease with uncomfortable feelings.
In order to be healthy, I ate a lot of medicines, but it did not solve the fundamental problem.

In a coincidence, I met an old Chinese medicine practitioner who had cupping therapy , I learned about this kind of green cupping therapy from her.

When I first use the cupping therapy, I worry about it and don't understand the therapy ,because I have a lot of bruising on my body.

But now I have a way to rekindle my hope for health . I'm willing to try it myself and step out of my comfort zone.

Before cupping, the quality of my sleep was poor; now it was gradually increased and the usual work was even more motivated.

Before cupping, I was fat like a balloon. The body was covered with fat. It made me believe that I could even slim down now.

My face has full of pimples half a year ago; it became smooth and it made me feel confident again after cupping.

The process of cupping was very repetitive and hard. I failed many times and even worried about was not working, but I still insisted on it now.

I just want to experience the feeling of living younger , more beautiful and walking the street confidently .

In fact, cupping changed my body, and also let me see the hope--being healthy, I just want to better recommend to more people through my personal feelings.

By CAAC Qadira

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