Ava Fertility Tracker 2.0 – Digital Fertility Tracking Bracelet – Wearable Electronic Cycle Tracker, Conception Aid and Pregnancy Tracker

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  • CYCLE, HEALTH & PREGNANCY TRACKER: Understand your body, eliminate guesswork and gain insight into your fertility, pregnancy and health with the simple wearable cycle monitor.
  • EFFORTLESS CONTROL: Wear the Ava fertility tracking bracelet as you sleep, and sync the digital fertility to a comprehensive, user-friendly app when you wake up.
  • FIVE FERTILE DAYS: The fertility tracker provides real-time fertile window calculations to increase your chances to conceive - other conception aids only confirm ovulation after the fact.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Created by a team of doctors and researchers and developed in multiple clinical trials over more than four years, the Ava electronic cycle tracker monitors 5 physiological signals to accurately detect the start of the fertile window.
  • DIGITAL BRACELET: Suitable for use with iOS and Android, the improved Ava 2.0 fertility tracker features a sleeker strap, vibrating alarm and 12-hour rechargeable battery.

Product Description

The Ava fertility tracking bracelet is a completely unprecedented method of tracking a woman's cycle. While you're sleeping, the conception aid's sensors monitor five physiological signals of fertility. In the morning, sync the bracelet with the app to receive Ava's fertility calculations including your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more.

Detects the fertile window in real time

Many other methods of fertility tracking rely on only a single parameter, so they can't provide a complete picture of your fertility in real time. Ava is a cycle tracker that uses temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, perfusion, and movement to detect the very first signs that the fertile window is beginning. Unlike using LH or the temperature method for fertility tracking, Ava conception aid detects the beginning of the fertile window in real time.

Accurate and clinically proven fertility monitor

Ava wearable digital cycle tracker was created by a team of doctors and researchers committed to advancing scientific understanding of the menstrual cycle. We don't just make electronic cycle trackers and conception aids, we conduct clinical studies and publish peer-reviewed papers. Ava ovulation predictor was developed in multiple clinical trials over more than4 years, and was found to detect more than 5 fertile days per cycle.

Easy and effortless fertility tracking

Ava is a convenient wearable electronic device. It provides accurate real time digital data relating to your cycle, fertility, pregnancy and health with minimal user effort.

Understand how your cycle impacts your health with features like symptom tracking, graphs, and more. By tracking your sleep, physiological stress levels, and other signals during your cycle, you can monitor your general health and better target when to have intercourse to increase your chances of conception.


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